Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas :)

I have no pictures of Christmas this year--too busy having lots of fun with friends and family. :)

Christmas Eve Joe and I went to Peddler's Village and to see It's a Wonderful Life at the local movie theatre. It was wonderful there-everything was light up and decorated for Christmas. I had never seen the movie before either so I had a great time getting into the christmas spirit there.  Then we went to his aunt's house-it was fun but he has a lot of boy cousins, so it was also very loud haha

after that we spent the evening at his parents house decorating the tree- I finally wacthed half of a Christmas Story, maybe I'll catch the next half next year..haha Joe's mom and I exchanged gifts. She made me a great beach blanket-I cant wait to use it!--seriously, is is summer yet? haha
I got his parents a salt/pepper grinder and refills for them-she seemed very excited about it!

Joe and I exhanged in the monring-he got me a Keurig--looooove it! He liked his gifts too-but we are returning all the clothes, I got them wayyyyy too big-oops! Then I went to my dads and it was nice, my dad and robin got me a lot of terrific gift-I am very lucky!
Then I went to my aunt beths-we wacthed many old videos and they were hilarious! It was weird bc my dad is in most of them-that made for some awkwardness but it was still fun to see.

That night i went over hawths and joe came later. We went to green parrot-its the only place open and the annoying people werent there so it was okay haha

overal it was the best christmas i had in a while. It helps to have a boy you love so much to spend it with. It would have been nice to see each other more on christmas day but it was great to spend christmas eve together, I am very blessed and fortuante to have so many people who love me and who I love so much. Joe really helped to make my christmas extra special, i love him very much :)

til next time--
"if you look for it, ive got a sneaking suspicion that love actually is all around."-Love Actually

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Holiday Knick-Knacks

Since I am still feeling very much in the holiday spirit-subbing in an elementary school is the best way to get psyched for the holidays, especially when you are a learning support teacher so you dont have to worry about the kids behaving ;)-I decided to do another post of random things found in my house. This will be the last of the Christmas edition-but dont worry we have plenty of day to day knick knacks as well! haha

The creepiest Mr.  and Mrs. Clus ever. I didnt realize this until I was taking the picture. They have very scary faces, we've had these as long as  I can remember. I was going to do a close up on the face, but I decided that was too much! 

The dancing Santa, a classic. My mom likes to demonstrate and dance a long with him..haha

Mickey and Minnie wreath, nothing weird about this, unless you dont like mickey and minnie-but thats just crazy! 

Love this sign-I got it for my mom this year :) 

Hope everyone else is in the holiday spirit as well! :)

Til next time-"I just like to smile. Smilings my favorite."-Elf

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holy Moly it's almost Christmas!

As I imagine you could tell by the post title I feel like Christmas snuck up a little on me this year. I am mostly ready for it, I only have one more gift to get, and it is only because I changed my mind last minute.
I feel very in the holiday spirit this week. I am not as anxious as I usually get about Chrismtas this year. I am looking forward to spending time with my family and the boyfriend. Also I think he got me a keurig for chrismtas and I am ridiculously excited to get it! Hopefully I am right!
The boyrfriends family had a christmas celebration on saturday with his moms side of the family. They have about a million little kids running around. It was a lot of fun, the little girls played my hair and climbed me for the majority of the evening haha

Then we went out at night to Franklin Hall in Northern Liberties-its a Steven Starr restaurant-I am not sure how old it is, but I believe it is one of the newer ones. I am not one to usually hang out in the cold weather but it was a blast! They have an inside section but the outside is enclosed and has 2 firepits and heat lamps everywhere.

There are long benches set up along with games like jenga and ping-pong. They also have all the fixings for smores-the regular food is good too! And they give you gigantic beers-mine is the smaller one-the other size looked too heavy to hold! 

However if you do go it still manages to get chilly so wear gloves and a hat-I had my super warm winter coat on and still wished I had remembered the other stuff! i definitely recommend visiting it though, it was a lot of fun-I cant wait to go back in warmer weather! 

Also, I havent been running as much lately. The boyfriend and I did a trial membership to a gym that is super close to me and I think I fell in love. I have been doing spinning pretty reguarly and have found I love it. I also tried a yoga class last night and enjoyed that as well. The pilates looks like it will be great too I just havent gotten aroudn to trying it. It is a little costly to join but I think it will be worth it. I am hoping it will help to keep my spending in check and maybe I will somehow spend less money. That makes perfect sense, right!? haha

Til next time..
"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"--Elf

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lifes Little Lessons-Part 1

Life has been crazy lately-working a lot, applying for jobs, having a super painful crown put on my tooth, my finger swelled up and finally is back to a normal size-(whew!).

There has been some fun thrown in there too-i finally made it to see the Muppets-and it was seriously so great! It was super corny and knew it was super corny so it was great! Also I made lots of money at work this weekend which I realllllllly needed! Annnnnd the boyfriend and I finally made it to Green Eggs Cafe in Northern Liberties. It was so ridiculously delicious-we split a very delicious stuffed french toast special and eggs benedict with pancetta and a sundried tomato hollandaise sauce-im drooling just remembering it! :)

So as far as the post title goes I am going to try to start writing a things Ive learned kind of post, maybe weekly maybe not-we'll see how it goes!

Lifes Little Lessons

*if you dont work-you wont make any money-same goes for applying to jobs-just do it!
*if you eat ridiculous portions of food all of the time you will start to feel gross-but it is nothing that some veggies and exercise cant fix
*when your finger is discolored and twice the size as it is on the other hand, go to the doctor-immediatly!
*brush your teeth-i dont know why some people say a root canal isnt so bad, it is awful and you dont want to ever have one-believe me!
*changing the sheets in your bed makes for a better nights sleep
*just start the paper youve been putting off-youll feel way better when you turn it in early!
*always have a book on hand-especially if you have an appointment
*take advantage of sunny days, even if you just sit in that sunny spot on the rug when the window is open, you will be so glad you did that when it is cloudy the next 238293082 days in a row
*changing up your purse now and then is good for the soul

until next time...

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. 
Life is beauty, admire it. 
Life is a dream, realize it. 
Life is a challenge, meet it. 
Life is a duty, complete it. 
Life is a game, play it. 
Life is a promise, fulfill it. 
Life is sorrow, overcome it. 
Life is a song, sing it. 
Life is a struggle, accept it. 
Life is a tragedy, confront it. 
Life is an adventure, dare it. 
Life is luck, make it. 
Life is too precious, do not destroy it. 
Life is life, fight for it.” 
--Mother Teresa 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dont Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle

So far today has started at pretty well-I finally started to have some of my subbing paychecks come in so I will actually be able to pay my credit card bill off woo!
also the doctor was able to get me in for an appointment today so they can check out my finger situation. I am hoping I can talk them into writing me a presecription and getting me out of there. We shall see what happens!

So I noticed when my mom took out the christmas decorations that we have the same odd taste in knick-knacks. (Side note, yes I still live with my mom and no i do not see this ending any time in the near future, as I am pretty broke. thank goodness my mom is the coolest! ;)  Anyways,  I decided to start taking pics and posting them up here  because I find them to be adorable and some pretty hilarious. Also it gives me a fun excuse to play with the camera app on my phone-seriously i love camera+ on my iphone. it makes me feel artsy-(i realize in reality I am not) haha

from the holiday collection:
from the dollar store-and seriously one of my favorite hoiday sayings!

yes that is the Grinch hiding on the top of our ridiculously decorated refridgerator 

we also like to decorate decorations with more decorations-until we have an event where we need to wear the antlers of course!

hmmm nothing too weird about this one-however you can see the antler friend in the corner 
 until next time, I leave you with a wondeful quote from Buddy the Elf, "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup." :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy Bee!

Whew! It has been a crazy-busy-fun filled few days (err maybe weeks?!)!

Subbing has been going well, I have been working a lot but waitressing less. It seems to be balancing nicely. I work often enough and still have a life. I did pick up an extra shift this weekend because Christmas shopping (and root canals) are crazy expensive.

The philly half marathon went well! I didnt think I finished in a time I was hoping for but still managed a 2:07-which I was very happy with! I was exhausted from running too fast in the beginning but still pulled through and got a couple of cute pics!
The boyfriend did awesome at the marathon. He even got crazy cramps and finished in a very respectable time. He is totally awesome, as a side note-I still have no desire to run a marathon!

Thanksgiving was nice. I spent most of it at my dad's. It is usually pretty awkward because it is mostly Robin's family there, who are nice people but I just dont know them very well. My cousin Kimmy was there this year and that was great. It was super nice to spend time with her and I hope to see her more frequently now! I managed to stop by my aunt's at the end of the night and people were still there. It was good to be able to see most of the family on that side.I have no clue what I am doing for Christmas, hopefullly getting to see Joe more. I missed him a lot on Thanksgiving. He is very important to me and I feel so lucky to have him as a part of my life.

We went out the night before thanksgiving with the usual crew, obviously that is a shot from after we had a few. ;)

Everywhere was super packed-as usual-and we saw lots of people and it was awkward-again pretty usual Haha We even made it to Denney's that night, which is so random. I need to stop eating after drinking all night, my stomach always feels scary the next day!

This was definitley not in any particular order...oops!

Til next time--"When I count my blessings, I count you twice." <3

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Too Easy Going...

I had another successful day of subbing today. I think I need to be more strict. The day went well overall but I still think I was too easy on the kids. They seem to like me at the school and asked me to come back for a few more jobs. :) It is nice to feel wanted. haha
This is a pretty picture I took on my way home yesterday, I have a feeling it might be one of the last times its that gorgeous and warm out

It was a super long day and I am ready to go to bed after I do some reading.
Good night :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

I heart november

Well it is official. I am terrible at consistently blogging. Most of the time it is because I feel like I dont have much to say. i am hoping to start remembering to take pics of my food, not because I find it interesting but because I would like to lose a few pounds. I always find myself eating more this time of year, something about the cold and hibernating maybe haha
Words to live by, ;)

i am feeling particuraly good this month. Even though a $3000 dentist bill was not a great thing, it has given me that "kick in the butt" that i needed with subbing. I have been taking pretty much any job that comes towards me and it has been going so well! I even have enjoyed big kids-which is totally shocking to me. 
I was talking to someone in the special ed field recently and she said she had to let go of the idea of teaching el ed, so maybe its time for that for me too. I would like to take a math praxis and social studies, so I have those certifications for once I have special ed. It seems like that would be the best plan for me right now. It is weird to me to feel good about something career related, it only took a few years ;)
The philadelphia half marathon is this weekend and I am super excited.the boyfriend is running the full so I will be mostly on my own that day. I am excited to see how I do on my own. I think I am going to do great-I cant wait! im mostly nervous about the early morning chillly weather- i need some goofy throwaway clothes! :) 

The bf and I had a bit of a fight this weekend. It was the first time I was ever that upset and we had a great talk after. I felt like I finally got a lot of my feelings out that I really needed to. He is such an awesome guy but that doesnt mean he knows how I feel all the time. I was glad to get it all out! :)

I have work most of this week-should be super busy but I am excited about it!
also it was super beautiful out today-who needs winter?! it should stay around 60 until spring rolls back around. who's with me?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So my sub job today was supposed to be a half a day position, and it was just cancelled. I am glad that I already got up-i need to get in a good 60 minute run. I am just a little bummed. I told myself I would not do less than 2 days of subbing anymore.(Really I should be doing 3 or more!) It just doesnt ever seem to work out! At least there is next week-hopefully if I write it in here I will really hold myself to it! I cant work tomorrow bc of a dentist appointment that I reallly need to go to and Friday I work lunch at the restaurant and I dont want to give up that shift. Hopefully I dont end up regretting that! Eeek! 
Sorry for all the venting! 

Well here are some things that have been making me smile lately   :) old fashioned soda pop

                                          pretezel trays-you must try the buttercrean icing-oh my!                                       

 fun quotes <3


more fun quotes <3

more silly photos 

til next time-
“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, 
Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween! I can hardly believe it is that time of year! Tonight I am in my pjs after a quick run at the park-it was beautiful out-until the end when I was sweaty and chilly! I feel bad not answering for the trick or treaters but we have no candy, so it would be a waste for them too. I was planning on working on my paper but somehow that never happened!
Friday night was lots of fun-the girls and I went out for the Kristens birthdays downtown-we had a lot of silly fun-glow sticks are always a good time. Also I love to go out dancing and never seem to get to do it enough. The only sad part of the evening is my adorable blazer got left behind :( i wouldnt care so much but it was pretty expensive. Fortunaly I have gotten to wear it a few times since I bought it!

Saturday the ridiculous snowstorm came. I still cant really believe that it snowed in October-especially that much. It seemed like everyone lost power. I went to my friends house with the boyfriend and a friend of his. We braved the snowy roads to make it to a halloween party at a bar. It was fun-the music selection wasnt my personal favorite but the company was great. The boyfriend and I were characters from Grease and for finding a costume in the darkness of my house I think we did awesome! I can be a fairy next year instead!

We also found this creepy decoration in the upstairs of the bar--Kristen liked him a little too much.
I did not feel the same way about the creepy creature. 

Overall it was a terrific halloween.Even with all the crazy weather we had a wonderful time. It was also fun to dress up for work today-even if I was only there for a very short time. 
Happy Halloween-

"Eat, Drink, and Be Scary."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Foods

Lately it seems like there are all kinds of delicious fall foods everywhere. My favorite is always the Gobbler sandwich from wawa-it is ridciulous and messy but oh so good! So far they havent had it this year, and I have been very dissapointed with each trip. Recently I saw a billboard advertising Primo Hoagies new sandwich the Pilgrim. I finally got around to having it and wow-yum!
It has delicious turkey and just the right amount of mayo. Then they put delicous cranberry sauce and stuffing on top. Not to mention the crazy yummy roll that holds it all together. It was a great lunch! Next time I think I would leave it in the toaster over for a while, the stuffing would have been better warmed up-but it was still crazy good! 

Another one of my fall faves is the caramel apple-but on a recent trip to the dollar store for -glowsticks (for a birthday celebration this weekend-woo!) i stumbled across something else I love-caramel apple lollipops! 
I like to keep them in my fancy candy dish on my desk-haha sometimes I'm nervous that if I had a home it would look like a child decorated it...also that candycane is from last year, I didnt have any caramel apple lollipops leftover from last year!
Just be careful when eating them-the caramel around the outside is super sticky and may cause you teeth stick together. Also you should probably brush your teeth realllllllly good after! That reminds me, I finally have dental insurance, I should prob hurry up and make an appointment!
I finally was able to meet up with my dad today and I stopped to get us some lunch at Jamie Hollander-its a great little sandwich/cafe kind of place in new hope. They are always super busy and so tasty! I got a veggie burger-theres is falling apart and held together mostly by the guacamole they lather it up in--so so good! 
My favorite thing at Jamie Hollander would have to be the Key Lime Tarts-they make mini ones that are the perfect size and the most delicious key lime taste!
Well that was a lot of food information-i think I am hungry again! I am also currently rocking out to maroon 5-sometimes i forget how much I love all of their albums! 
Til next time--

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along"

tap on my window, knock on my door i want to make you feel beautiful..."-Maroon 5-She Will Be Loved

Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Bee

This weekend was a great one, and also one that I didnt have time to slow down and relax. It was a long day at work on friday. On Saturday it was my cousin's baby shower. It was a lot of fun to see family and all the cute baby clothes. Seriously though everyone I know is having a boy, I would really just like to buy some sparkly clothes and tutus, but I think it would be better if I wait for someone to have a girl before I do that! ;)
After the shower I went back to college for the night for homecoming. I had to park in a field down by the game and I decided just to pull in since it was after half time at this point. Well somehow I ended up on a small, but very steep hill. I thought my car was going to flip over (I still dont think i overreacted, it was super scary) Fortuantly when I got out there was a nice couple nearby who helped me steer my car off the scary hill. It was a very weird experience. I also kind of freaked out driving across a bridge the other day. I had a weird feeling like I was never going to stop going up. I am still not sure about that one.
Once I got into the game it was fun to watch with friends. My friend's little brother is on the team so after the game we hung out a tailgated w her dad and grandmom while we waited for him to come out. We also got to eat lots of delicious foods!
It was fun but also very chillly!

Then we went back to my friend's apartment to hang out until it was time to go out to the bars. Once we made it out it was crazy crowded, and definitely felt like we were in college again-except that everyone looked way younger than us haha We had a lot of fun dancing and singing until it was time to go home. We even ran into a few friends who were also up to visit!
Also we got honey mustard chicken pizza at the end of the night. That might be my favorite part of being back in college-at least at the end of the night when I feel starving haha 
On Sunday we went dress shopping with another friend so I had a quick trip home and met her at the dress store. She tried on so many beautiful gowns and looked gorgeous in all of them. We had a lot of fun picking out dresses and seeing how they looked on her. It didnt sound like she found "the dress" that day but got some ideas on what she liked. It was fun to hang out with her and her family, we had a nice time shopping. Also I think we found the bridesmaid dresses, she wants them in black and they have pockets! 
After a quick lunch at Panera Bread I had to head over to work. It wasnt too busy of a night, I got stuck waiting around for dishes to come out a the dishroom. I was exhausted and it felt like such a waste of time. Everntually I got out of there and crashed into bed! Time to head out for a run now, my legs are a bit achy and its chilly outside--hopefully I make it! 

“When you're young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. You could break a bone or a heart. You look before you leap and sometimes you don't leap at all because there's not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there's no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?”--Sex and the City 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Today was a good day. I subbed in special ed and it was a super day. The kids were great and got to know a bunch of nice teachers. It is definitely a school I hope to go back to soon. I had work at night too and also managed to get some chores done as well. Overall a super productive day-which is especially surprising since Joe and I were up pretty late last night after we had a delicious dinner and some beers at a fun bar close to the city. I have work in the restaurant all day tomorrow. Hopefully it goes by quickly--lots of fun stuff this weekend-college reunion, baby shower, and wedding dress shopping with a close friend. Super excited.
Here are some other things that give me happy thoughts:
delicious ice cream 

silly friends 

the beach-i <3 summer 

ridiculous photos

fun with friends at phillies game 

looking up at the clouds 

pumpkin beers 

center city photos 

rainbows :) 

Until next time...
"Happiness is like a butterfly;
 the more you chase it, the more it will elude you,
 but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder..."-Thoreau

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

For Real This Time

Okay, I am deciding starting today I am going to make a real effort at this. I would like to post a photo I take each day. It sounds like a small goal but it is a big deal for me now. We will see how it goes!

I ran the Atlantic City Half Marathon over the weekend in about 2 hours and 11 minutes. I am okay with this time because it was windy and I was not as well prepared as I was for the other race. We had a lovely walk back to the hotel after the race. It was a seriously gorgeous day on the beach! We stayed at Bally's in Atlantic City the second night. We were able to enjoy the beautiful indoor pool and awesome hot tubs. It was seriously so relaxing and exactly what we needed. Besides delicious hoagies from White House in AC-crazy delicious!

The Rock N Roll Half I ran in about 2 hours and 4 minutes. I would like to beat both at the Philly Half so starting tomorrow I will be hardcore into running again--wish me luck!
Joe and I after the Rock N Roll Half--

Today I met baby Kaleb. In my circle of girlfriends from high school Vicki is the first to have a baby and he is precious. I dont really know what to do with teeny babies, they mostly make me nervous but he sure it a cutie. Vick has everything together--you can tell she is a totally awesome mommy! :)
---i totally stole this photo from Vicki-seriously    he is the cutest!
Life has been crazy lately, between grad classes and waitressing plus attempting to sub I have had my days pretty planned out. Subbing has been going pretty well but I have only really been able to do it once a week so I would definitely like to start doing it more often. We will see how it goes. I definitely need to work on getting myself out there in the job market. Confidence seems to be the key so I will continue to work on that. 
Hopefully I will keep myself in check and be back tomorrow, until then--

"Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what's to come."
- The Wonder Years television show

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This weekend really flew by quickly!

I had my last team in training run before the race next week. I am thinking I need to invest in a hat before sunday. I am going to check out the local running store and hope that they have something that I like. I really do not like wearing hats but I am worried the sun will be too bright in my eyes!

The rest of the day was a lot of fun, I got to eat delicious penne vodka at the baby shower. Also the cake was delicious, I am usually not one for whipped cream icing but this kind was great! Also the cake was jungle themed and adorable so that helped the delicious factor!

Also I got to see Group Love perform down in Philly. I am not a huge fan of theirs but they were a lot of fun to watch in concert. The lead singer was dancing a lot and it was quite entertaining. Dinner was pretty delicious also--a fried chicken sandwich w green tomatoes and a chocolate strawberry milkshake-super yum!
Today I was at work all day long, so it feels quite nice to sit now. I am about ready to curl up in bed with a book.
hopefully the book will prevent me from having freaky waitressing dreams!

I'll take the dream I had last night,
And put it in my freezer,
So someday long and far away,
When I'm an old grey greezer,
I'll take it out and thaw it out,
This lovely dream I've frozen,
And boil it up and sit me down
And dip my old cold toes in.
~Shel Silverstein, "Frozen Dream," A Light in the Attic

Friday, September 9, 2011

What's that bright light in the sky?

Wow--I didnt realize how much I missed the sun until it finally came out today! It has been raining like crazy and of course there is still a chance of showers today--seems like thats just how it goes anymore! I was bummed out yesterday because all the roads to the library were closed. I havent been working much and I desperately needed a new book to read. 

Since I couldn't get there I watched way too many episodes of Melissa and Joey on Hulu--I dont have cable. The show was actually funny, but I ran out of free episodes to watch. Thank goodness I was able to get to the library today. I had a bunch of books come in on hold:
--Beth Harbison-Always Something There to Remind Me
-Pledged-I have been meaning to read this for a long time
-The 2o Something Manifesto-ummm I think its possible I am having a quarter life crisis, hopefully this book helps..haha
-My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me-its by Hilary Winston and so far it is super funny and exactly what I needed!

I'm taking the day off from running because I am waitressing tonight and will be on my feet for many hours. Tomorrow is my last run with Team In Training before the half marathon next week. I can hardly believe it came up so fast! I feel ready for it, I have been running 10 and 11 miles pretty regularly on hot days and through a very hilly park. From what I have heard the race isnt very hilly so I think I am well prepared. I have a problem with getting really faint after I stop running. Everything gets really shiny and I get ridiculously light-headed and nauseous with scary stomach cramps. I seems to be caused by dehydration and running with gatorade helps a lot. Also it helps when it isnt a million degrees outside and scary humid. Hopefully race day holds out for me, it starts early so that should help! 

Tomorrow is also my friend's baby shower--I can hardly believe someone I know that well is having a baby-scary! I can hardly take care of myself some days--at least there will be a little one who I can play with--and give back once I am not sure what to do with him anymore! ;) I am also going to a concert in Northern Liberties that should be a lot of fun! I need a new pair of sunglasses and they had  a lady selling them there before for about $5--I hope to see her there again! Also we will get to eat at PYT-which is one of my favorite places to eat in Philly. You can get tater tots with your burger instead of fries. Also all the burgers have ridiculously delicious toppings! Yum--I can hardly wait! 

Also I read this today and thought it was the cutest:

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
 I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
 I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. 
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. 
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." 
 Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Post :)

Okay, so after reading blogs for about a year I finally decided to give writing a my own a shot! 

I am by no means a writer, but I enjoy keeping a journal. Hopefully having one that can be viewed by others will help hold me accountable for work outs and also give me something to do.

I work as a substitute teacher but right now school just started so work is not particularly busy! I also waitress and am going to school. Both of these things keep me pretty busy but it's nice to have an outlet that is just for me. So we will see how this goes! 

I am very thankful for my wonderful boyfriend, friends, and family that I have in my life. I truly don't know what I would do without them. Sometimes life can be frustrating too though. I have been out of school for four years now and am still having difficulty finding a teaching job. Unfortunately where I live this is relatively common. Things are going to have to turn around eventually though--someone is going to want to retire! I am hoping this blog will help hold me accountable to the job search and also give me a place to chronicle the crazy life of a substitute teacher. ;) 

Tonight I have class so I need to finish up the reading that is due later. The class only has 4 people in it--so there is no chance that the prof wont notice if I skim through the reading! 
Time to get back to the grind!

quote for the day: "You know it's nothing new. Bad news never had good timing. Then the circle of your friends will defend the silver lining. Pain throws your heart to the ground, love turns the whole thing around. No, it won't all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good." 
 John Mayer