Monday, February 20, 2012


It had been a crazy couple of weeks! 
I got a long term teaching assignment-Kindergarten until at least the end of April! :)
The kids are adorable and the staff is super friendly! I think it will be a great fit-hopefully it all goes as planned!
Needless to say between all of that going on and college school and waitressing and trying to have a life I have had a lot on my plate! 
A lot of good stuff though! I am super excited! 

Too busy to write much else for now. I will report back later-and more quickly asap! 

Ps-i am not a facebook flower poster but i will write it up here. The boyfriend and I did not get to celebrate valentines day on vday-because duh I am a waitress. I subbed all day and worked at night and came home to these beautiful flowers and a lovely card on my doorstep. :) i am a very lucky girl 

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