Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lifes Little Lessons

Today has been a terrific day so far. I started off with Zumba and Yoga and I have two interviews scheduled for next week. Hopefully everything works out! :) or something haha tonight joe and I have reservations for a delicicous and semi-fancy dinner that i am super excited for. Also I am getting fitted for my bridesmaid dress-hopefully that goes well too! ;)

As for the title-here goes..

Life's Little Lessons

*check all the restaraunts when you make reservations for restaurant week-there may be somehting delicious that you missed!
*dont over pluck your eyebrows-seriously! relax!
*go to yoga more often-you will always feel way more relaxed about life after
*get your checklist done as quickly as possible-it will always make you feel better
*make eye contact-especially at work/school, people will appreciate it
*disinfect things often-especially the phone and car
*dont try drinking tea in the morning instead of coffee. you need the coffee-just accept it
*use regular sugar in the coffee-splenda tastes too much like chemicals and doesnt make you feel good after
*stay in contact with old friends-they will always cheer you up-usually in the silliest of ways
*sometimes you just need to let things go-it doesnt mean the other person won. it just means that it really isnt worth it

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