Tuesday, January 31, 2012

end of the month check up

Hmmm so its been a bit since I have been on here (again:) oopsie!
I had a phone interview with the local library last week. i felt like it went pretty well but I havent heard anything yet, so I dont know what to make of that...I do need to remember to slow down when I am talking during interviews, and to breath-maybe more yoga will help that! 
I also wanted to check in with myself about my new years resolutions-its the end of January (already?) so it seemed like a good time to check in with myself. :) so here it goes!

-Eat better: i need to eat smaller meals and not constantly go back for more. I also tend to eat big meals late because my schedule is weird-i should just have a small snack and go to bed instead of eating a giant dinner.
**I have been more aware of my food choices and trying not to go back for seconds. Also on nights where I eat too much late at night I have been holding out on breakfast until after the gym. So far it seems to be working-I would still definitely like to eat less late at night and I need to stop gettting food from work so frequently. 

-Keep up with exerciseadd more pilates and yoga to work out schedule-at least once a week. I need to work on toning and overall strength
**I have been keeping up with once a week for one of these classes, I would like to go even more often-and do one of them with another work out. Also I found the website-blogalates (so great! short and tough workouts!) and it is awesome. I have been trying to do a few of her short workouts a few times a week and I would definitely like to keep that up! 

-Budget Finances: I need to work on saving money more, i would really love to move out this year and by working more and saving more I should be able to do that.
**I have been doing a pretty good job at this the boyfriend and I have been going out less (sort of!) which helps! i was able to put a good chunk in my savings yesterday. Then i took the boyfriend out for a late (and way too expensive!) dinner-but class was cancelled and I need to live a little :) 

-Get a "real" job: Enough is enough, I need to buckle down and force myself to get more serious about this. I can do this by setting time aside a couple times of week where that is all i do. I need to grow up, seriously!
**Lots of job apps on the horizen for today-still not doing fabulous at this but i did have an interview-so thats something! 

-Complain less, smile more :)i have found myself whining more frequently lately. i need to toughen up and smile more. This should really not be that hard, i just need to change my mindset sometimes :)
**i needed this reminder, i really do need to relax and enjoy the moment sometimes :)

overall I am doing prety well-i am glad to have this blog to remind me of the things i am forgetting and hopefully next time I check in I will be doing even better! :)

until next time...

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