Monday, January 9, 2012


So far so good on the new years resolutions:

-i have been working out often-i looove all the classes at the gym and even got a super good run in at tyler the other day. it felt great to run outside and it wasnt even freezing!
-i may have spent a bit more money than i should have on dinner-from khybar pass-holy deliciousness-fried chicken mac and cheese and sweet potato fries-and franklin fountain for dessert-this is the carmel apple pie milkshake-soooo incredibly delicous-also i believe it was featured on rachael ray :)
-so obviously this means sunday night i was not eating very well-aside from that i had been though, and everyone needs to live a little-right?
-i need to not let the little things bug me less-being less annoyed at things is more difficult than i thought-i am aware of it and trying though

I love calendars-especially the tear away ones. this year i got the happiness project one-which is awesome! if you havent read the book-you definitely should. this calendar gives great advice and interesting little activities along the way.
today was to write commandments. i figured this was a good place for me to do that.

-be kind
-put yourself in another's shoes before you get so irritated
-be healthy-most of the time
-lighten up
-smile as much as possible
-really listen to other people
-slow down and plan less, just overall relax a little
-get it over with and just do it now
-enjoy every moment :)

these seem like a good place to start. im hoping to check back and revise these another time. perhaps in a few months.

until next time..."kiss often, hug more, love always."

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