Monday, November 14, 2011

I heart november

Well it is official. I am terrible at consistently blogging. Most of the time it is because I feel like I dont have much to say. i am hoping to start remembering to take pics of my food, not because I find it interesting but because I would like to lose a few pounds. I always find myself eating more this time of year, something about the cold and hibernating maybe haha
Words to live by, ;)

i am feeling particuraly good this month. Even though a $3000 dentist bill was not a great thing, it has given me that "kick in the butt" that i needed with subbing. I have been taking pretty much any job that comes towards me and it has been going so well! I even have enjoyed big kids-which is totally shocking to me. 
I was talking to someone in the special ed field recently and she said she had to let go of the idea of teaching el ed, so maybe its time for that for me too. I would like to take a math praxis and social studies, so I have those certifications for once I have special ed. It seems like that would be the best plan for me right now. It is weird to me to feel good about something career related, it only took a few years ;)
The philadelphia half marathon is this weekend and I am super excited.the boyfriend is running the full so I will be mostly on my own that day. I am excited to see how I do on my own. I think I am going to do great-I cant wait! im mostly nervous about the early morning chillly weather- i need some goofy throwaway clothes! :) 

The bf and I had a bit of a fight this weekend. It was the first time I was ever that upset and we had a great talk after. I felt like I finally got a lot of my feelings out that I really needed to. He is such an awesome guy but that doesnt mean he knows how I feel all the time. I was glad to get it all out! :)

I have work most of this week-should be super busy but I am excited about it!
also it was super beautiful out today-who needs winter?! it should stay around 60 until spring rolls back around. who's with me?!

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