Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Holiday Knick-Knacks

Since I am still feeling very much in the holiday spirit-subbing in an elementary school is the best way to get psyched for the holidays, especially when you are a learning support teacher so you dont have to worry about the kids behaving ;)-I decided to do another post of random things found in my house. This will be the last of the Christmas edition-but dont worry we have plenty of day to day knick knacks as well! haha

The creepiest Mr.  and Mrs. Clus ever. I didnt realize this until I was taking the picture. They have very scary faces, we've had these as long as  I can remember. I was going to do a close up on the face, but I decided that was too much! 

The dancing Santa, a classic. My mom likes to demonstrate and dance a long with him..haha

Mickey and Minnie wreath, nothing weird about this, unless you dont like mickey and minnie-but thats just crazy! 

Love this sign-I got it for my mom this year :) 

Hope everyone else is in the holiday spirit as well! :)

Til next time-"I just like to smile. Smilings my favorite."-Elf

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