Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas :)

I have no pictures of Christmas this year--too busy having lots of fun with friends and family. :)

Christmas Eve Joe and I went to Peddler's Village and to see It's a Wonderful Life at the local movie theatre. It was wonderful there-everything was light up and decorated for Christmas. I had never seen the movie before either so I had a great time getting into the christmas spirit there.  Then we went to his aunt's house-it was fun but he has a lot of boy cousins, so it was also very loud haha

after that we spent the evening at his parents house decorating the tree- I finally wacthed half of a Christmas Story, maybe I'll catch the next half next year..haha Joe's mom and I exchanged gifts. She made me a great beach blanket-I cant wait to use it!--seriously, is is summer yet? haha
I got his parents a salt/pepper grinder and refills for them-she seemed very excited about it!

Joe and I exhanged in the monring-he got me a Keurig--looooove it! He liked his gifts too-but we are returning all the clothes, I got them wayyyyy too big-oops! Then I went to my dads and it was nice, my dad and robin got me a lot of terrific gift-I am very lucky!
Then I went to my aunt beths-we wacthed many old videos and they were hilarious! It was weird bc my dad is in most of them-that made for some awkwardness but it was still fun to see.

That night i went over hawths and joe came later. We went to green parrot-its the only place open and the annoying people werent there so it was okay haha

overal it was the best christmas i had in a while. It helps to have a boy you love so much to spend it with. It would have been nice to see each other more on christmas day but it was great to spend christmas eve together, I am very blessed and fortuante to have so many people who love me and who I love so much. Joe really helped to make my christmas extra special, i love him very much :)

til next time--
"if you look for it, ive got a sneaking suspicion that love actually is all around."-Love Actually

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