Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Foods

Lately it seems like there are all kinds of delicious fall foods everywhere. My favorite is always the Gobbler sandwich from wawa-it is ridciulous and messy but oh so good! So far they havent had it this year, and I have been very dissapointed with each trip. Recently I saw a billboard advertising Primo Hoagies new sandwich the Pilgrim. I finally got around to having it and wow-yum!
It has delicious turkey and just the right amount of mayo. Then they put delicous cranberry sauce and stuffing on top. Not to mention the crazy yummy roll that holds it all together. It was a great lunch! Next time I think I would leave it in the toaster over for a while, the stuffing would have been better warmed up-but it was still crazy good! 

Another one of my fall faves is the caramel apple-but on a recent trip to the dollar store for -glowsticks (for a birthday celebration this weekend-woo!) i stumbled across something else I love-caramel apple lollipops! 
I like to keep them in my fancy candy dish on my desk-haha sometimes I'm nervous that if I had a home it would look like a child decorated it...also that candycane is from last year, I didnt have any caramel apple lollipops leftover from last year!
Just be careful when eating them-the caramel around the outside is super sticky and may cause you teeth stick together. Also you should probably brush your teeth realllllllly good after! That reminds me, I finally have dental insurance, I should prob hurry up and make an appointment!
I finally was able to meet up with my dad today and I stopped to get us some lunch at Jamie Hollander-its a great little sandwich/cafe kind of place in new hope. They are always super busy and so tasty! I got a veggie burger-theres is falling apart and held together mostly by the guacamole they lather it up in--so so good! 
My favorite thing at Jamie Hollander would have to be the Key Lime Tarts-they make mini ones that are the perfect size and the most delicious key lime taste!
Well that was a lot of food information-i think I am hungry again! I am also currently rocking out to maroon 5-sometimes i forget how much I love all of their albums! 
Til next time--

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along"

tap on my window, knock on my door i want to make you feel beautiful..."-Maroon 5-She Will Be Loved

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