Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween! I can hardly believe it is that time of year! Tonight I am in my pjs after a quick run at the park-it was beautiful out-until the end when I was sweaty and chilly! I feel bad not answering for the trick or treaters but we have no candy, so it would be a waste for them too. I was planning on working on my paper but somehow that never happened!
Friday night was lots of fun-the girls and I went out for the Kristens birthdays downtown-we had a lot of silly fun-glow sticks are always a good time. Also I love to go out dancing and never seem to get to do it enough. The only sad part of the evening is my adorable blazer got left behind :( i wouldnt care so much but it was pretty expensive. Fortunaly I have gotten to wear it a few times since I bought it!

Saturday the ridiculous snowstorm came. I still cant really believe that it snowed in October-especially that much. It seemed like everyone lost power. I went to my friends house with the boyfriend and a friend of his. We braved the snowy roads to make it to a halloween party at a bar. It was fun-the music selection wasnt my personal favorite but the company was great. The boyfriend and I were characters from Grease and for finding a costume in the darkness of my house I think we did awesome! I can be a fairy next year instead!

We also found this creepy decoration in the upstairs of the bar--Kristen liked him a little too much.
I did not feel the same way about the creepy creature. 

Overall it was a terrific halloween.Even with all the crazy weather we had a wonderful time. It was also fun to dress up for work today-even if I was only there for a very short time. 
Happy Halloween-

"Eat, Drink, and Be Scary."

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